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2/4/11 03:23 pm - adventuregirl6 - TMTMS Quote Icons

Here are some quote icons (from 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show') that I made sometime ago. I think I'm most proud of the last one because I love the way it turned out and took me the longest because of the background. And yes, I know that #5 isn't *exactly* a quote, but it does have association with the episode I made it from.

She Made It After AllCollapse )

2/4/11 02:00 pm - adventuregirl6 - 14 Icons

Here are some Mary Tyler Moore Show icons I made sometime back and a couple (the Christmas ones) I made more recently. I know some aren't the best, but I still hope you like 'em! :)

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All 14 HereCollapse )

8/26/09 12:02 am - xlondonferryx - Mary Tyler Moore Icons

Here's some Mary Tyler Moore icons I made a months few ago.

( Reach For The Stars... )

Please comment and credit if you take anything. Thank you! =]

12/29/05 04:52 pm - jeanniefan04


She turns 69 today.

Also, TMTMS S3 comes out in less than a month!!!

12/20/05 03:08 pm - jungle_red

Hey Everyone,
I'm Cal I just joined. I love MTM. And I look forward to chatting with all of you! Has anyone read her autobiography? I read it a long time ago and enjoyed it. I'm also REALLY excited that the third season of The Mary Tyler Moore Show is coming out in January. Also another question I have is did anyone watch "Mary and Rhoda" that TV movie from about 7 or 8 years ago reuniting Mary and Valerie? Also I just wanted to do a little promoting

I mod the community makeitafterall which is a stamping community for The Mary Tyler Moore Show

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12/20/05 12:06 pm - jeanniefan04

Hello everyone! This is your friendly moderator, jeanniefan04 here! You can now post in this community! But make sure you read my one rule first. Hope everybody likes it here!!
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